Finger On The Pulse - January 2019

  • Main Story: How to stick to your new years resolutions in 2019
  • Health: Staying healthy while you travel
  • Food: World’s 50 best restaurants announced
  • Top Tip: Packing Cubes
  • Our Story: Kenya captures Sandi’s Heart

How to stick to your new year resolutions in 2019

We’re not promising miracles here, but we do have some great ideas to help you stick to your new years resolutions. Some of them go hand in hand so let’s break it down:

Exercise More & Lose Weight
In most instances it is pretty much a given that if you exercise more you will lose weight. Hooray! The trick is to stick to it. Yes, this means maintaining some sort of exercise regime on holiday too.

This is where you need to think outside the box. You don’t have to head to the lodge gym for an hour-long session (although running on the treadmill overlooking the African bush is rather appealing) or force 100 sit-ups and 50 push-ups in your room before breakfast. Instead, why not:

Go for a run along the beach
Opt for a game walk instead of a game drive
Go stand-up paddle boarding
Join early morning yoga on the deck or
Have a refreshing swim in the sea

Wherever you go make sure to enjoy an activity that gets your heart-rate up and you’ll be a new person in no time!

Get Organized | Save More Money | Spend Time With Family | Travel More
Yes, we’re killing four birds with one stone!

Get organized. Plan your holidays in advance or you might end up compromising on that dream lodge because everyone else beat you to it. No one wants that to happen!
(Speaking of which….. Easter is already around the corner – have you started planning yet? Uh-oh…. don’t worry, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us now for some great ideas and special offers.)

That’s the first bird down.

Second bird…..By planning in advance not only do you give us more time to find you the best deals but you also give yourself a certain level of flexibility. And by that I mean you can plan around shoulder seasons and make the most of lower rates which, you guessed it, equals saving money.

Now here’s the best part. Once you’ve conquered the first two birds, the third bird and fourth bird kind of just happen automatically. How easy was that?

Learn A New Skill | Live Life To The Fullest
Holidays are the perfect time to learn a new skill, be it learning how to track a lion in the Sabi Sands (admittedly not the most useful skill for city slickers, but a skill nonetheless) or figuring out how to weave a basket with the fishermen on Zanzibar, the possibilities are endless.

And for the sake of YOLO (you only live once), get involved while you’re on holiday, push your limits, experience what’s on offer and live your life the fullest. How many opportunities are you honestly going to get to kiss a giraffe, abseil down Table Mountain or swim with sharks – to name but a few possibilities?

Read More
The amount of reading you will do while planning, preparing for and relaxing on your holiday, will have this resolution ticked off your list in no time. And when you get back home you will probably find yourself looking for factual books and novels that will transport you back to Africa in one way or another.

Quit Smoking
Like I said earlier, we’re not promising miracles here, but our advice – quit cold turkey, it’s the only way to go.

So there you have it, our advice and tips on how to stick to your new year resolutions – even (and especially) when on holiday.

Staying Healthy While You Travel

With it being January, health is normally at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Whether you’ve started a 30 day yoga regime or vowed never to eat fast food again, you are consciously prioritising health.

When it comes to health and travel I often have the worst luck. I either start with a cold the day before I’m due to travel or I end up spending my holiday seeing more bathrooms than top attractions. Not great.

Seeing as I’m so prone to suffering on holiday I did a bit of digging and came across some super handy tips for boosting your immune system and staying healthy while you travel. Read all about them here.

World’s 50 Best Restaurants Announced

A panel of 1,000 food experts, chefs and critics had the monumental task of deciding on the 50 top restaurants in the world.

Massimo Bottura’s Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy reclaimed its number one spot and it seems that many of the other restaurants have been playing ‘musical chairs’ moving up and down spots in varying degrees.

Most notable for us is that The Test Kitchen in Cape Town has made it onto the list, albeit in the 50th spot. It has always been quite tricky getting a reservation and with this well-deserved achievement I can only imagine that a healthy amount of prior planning will be required to dine there.

Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes have become something of a craze in the travel realm recently and I have to say I’m loving them. Gone are the days of rooting through your whole suitcase looking for your phone charger, or trying to remember which of the 15 pairs of trousers  you rolled that cute pink top into to stop it from creasing.

There are travel cubes out there to suit every one; whether you want see through ones, colour co-ordinated ones, hard-wearing ones, expandable ones or glow in the dark ones, you are bound to find them somewhere online.

Trip Savvy reviewers spent thirteen hours testing the top-rated packing cubes and have come up with The 8 Best Packing Cubes to Buy in 2019.

Packing has just become a little more fun.

Kenya Captures Sandi’s Heart

“You’re so lucky to travel to all these amazing places!”  I hear this comment a lot.  After 26 years in the travel industry, I certainly have seen my fair share of the world; all in the name of being educated about where I send my clients and what they are in for (they call them “educationals” for that very reason).

Read more.

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See you again in February.

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