Teeming with Life

Africa’s conservation initiatives have allowed many regions to thrive with life. Game drives, treks and boating are popular ways to experience the multitude of wildlife on display. Enjoy a guided game drive to go in search of the Big 5; go on a bushwalk to identify birds and other game; jump on a canoe to glide along the Okavango Delta as it bursts into life once a year. Whatever your interests, a tailor-made African Safari will instill in you a renewed sense of life.


Explore New Scenery

Africa is ripe with diverse scenery. Many places are crawling with life all year long, some bloom for only a few weeks a year. In others, petrification has led to astonishing natural formations. The Blyde River Canyon, the Namaqualand daisy fields and the mountains and forests of Eastern Africa are but a few examples of the wondrous scenery you will encounter in Africa. Let loose your curiosity by going on a tailor-made tour to Africa, where you can witness something new and magical every day.

Get out of your Comfort Zone

Africa is wild and vibrant. Around every corner of your intrepid journey you will find something new and mysterious to excite or intrigue you. By trying new activities, you can get up close and personal with some of Africa’s most fascinating animals, where safe yet exhilarating encounters are common-place. Escape monotony, feel alive; go on a tailor-made African Safari today!