The Natural World in its Prime

Large regions of Africa remain completely untouched, giving the traveller rare opportunities for one-on-one time with nature. Walk through the high grasses of the African bushveld; traverse the deserts of the Kalahari and Namibia; canoe along the Okavango Delta, Orange River and the Great Zambezi. A trip to Africa will heighten your senses, breathing much needed life back into your bones.


Spectacular Scenery

A safari to Africa offers much for the eyes to feast upon. The stretching plains of the Serengeti offer rare opportunities for the traveller to witness massive herd migrations and documentary-worthy experiences. The vast Namibian desert, with its alien-like flora set amidst multi-hued sands and crystal clear skies give the explorer space to breathe and truly reflect upon the mysteries of this world. Whatever your ideal, a tailor-made African Safari will change your perspective.

Iconic African Wonders

Visit the places you have always dreamed of seeing. With a tailor-made Safari to Africa, you can travel anywhere; from the awe-inspiring Table Mountain in Cape Town, to the mysterious Pyramids of Egypt. Natural and man-made wonders abound in Africa, whether you are a hardened explorer, fervent photographer or the normal city-slicker, looking for a change of scenery; there is something for everyone.