Ben Fogle: The Great African Migration

Ben Fogle: The Great African Migration
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Watch Ben Fogle at 9:00pm, 22nd April 2016 on Channel 5 (UK)

Ben Fogle spends a year following one of the largest mammal migrations on the planet –a herd of 1.3 million wildebeest in East Africa.This four-part series begins in February on the grass plains of the southern Serengeti during the calving season where the calves are being born at the rate of 12,000 a day. Watch some incredible footage of these massive herds crossing the Serengeti taken from a hot air balloon; learn about the unique ecosystem of herbivores, predators and people who call the Serengeti home and join Ben Fogle as he goes on a hunt with one of the oldest tribes in the area – the Hadzabe.

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