Adventure into the unknown

Adventure, by definition, is “a risky or unexpected undertaking” and Africa is absolutely brimming with such exploits. Whether you fancy yourself as an intrepid explorer ready to navigate the Okavango Delta in a traditional mokoro, or a wildlife enthusiast longing to watch the theatre of the savanna unfold before you on a walking safari in the Serengeti, Africa has it all. You can live the life of a nomad as you move from one destination to the next in search of the Great Migration in East Africa; you can enjoy the freedom of a self-drive holiday through the contrasting and fascinating regions of South Africa; you can explore the wild forests of Madagascar, in search of her unique flora and fauna. The adventures are endless; making the right choice is the problem.  Let us help you make that choice; we’ve ventured into Africa, so you can.

Find out about some short adventure options:

Short adventures in Kenya                                Short adventures in Tanzania

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