Multi-Generational Travel

Multi-Generational Travel

The world has become a busy place not only for parents but for children, grandparents and everyone else too. Everything around is moving faster and our expectations have evolved to accept this. Cars go faster, the internet is faster, work is done faster, children are learning faster and I’ll be damned but the older you get, even time seems to move faster. When do we get a chance to slow down and actually appreciate what is happening around us?

We have heard it a million times;  time is precious! After years of being side-lined quality family time has finally resurfaced as a priority. Enter multigenerational travel. Spending quality time with your children is a no-brainer, making time for your aging parents is a must and let’s not forget the importance of strengthening bonds with your siblings. How do you make time for everyone in your busy schedule? You book a family holiday for all of you and everyone wins.

You may not think that Africa lends itself to such a holiday but you would be wrong.  What about….

  • A private villa in Cape Town
  • A houseboat on the Zambezi River
  • A private house in the middle of the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa
  • A camel safari in magical Kenya
  • A beach holiday in Mauritius

We have been exploring Africa for many, many years and we have found the perfect spots for the whole family.

Get in touch with us now to start planning your ultimate multi-generational holiday, we would love to share our ideas with you.

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