Our experts

Sandy Wood, Managing Director

Kenyan-born Sandy Wood has been at the helm of this operation since she started Pulse Africa in 1991. Her expertise spans across all regions that Pulse Africa offers as destinations and she is constantly pushing these borders, exploring new regions and countries to offer her clients.

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Nicci Lenferna, Director

Nicci Lenferna is the earliest member to join Pulse Africa with Sandy Wood. Her attention to detail and lively attitude have earned her a reputation for major event planning and coordination. Nicci plans small, medium and large scale private and corporate events around Africa and beyond all year long, each one boasting a unique success.

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Natasha Springer, Travel Specialist

Natasha Springer has been an avid traveller her entire life. Encouraged to do so from a young age by her father, she set out exploring different regions of the world before settling into African tourism. Sincere and imaginative, Natasha is able to empathise with her clients, creating dream safaris they will never forget.

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Sandi Elkington, Travel Specialist

Sandi Elkington has a passion and reverence for her work like no other: she is in charge of the East-African destinations, including Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and the spice island of Zanzibar. Sandi has a genuine love for her job and Africa and brings this passion to the forefront in planning safaris for her clients.

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Melanie Lowe, Travel Specialist

Melanie Lowe has been an enthusiastic traveller from a young age exploring a vast array of countries across the world and many throughout Africa.
She has a genuine passion for the African bush and is excited to share her experiences with her clients.

Claire Lourens, Travel Specialist

Claire is the bush baby among us having completed her National Diploma in Nature Conservation, volunteering as an Honorary ranger guide and training as a FGASA Field guide. Her passion for conservation and eco-tourism is clear and her fifteen years of experience in the tourism industry makes for a very passionate travel specialist.

Nicole Thomson, Travel Specialist

Nicole ventured out in her travel career working for two larger tour operators in Johannesburg. A few years later she took a short left turn and worked for two hotel groups. These experiences have been a great learning advantage and designing memorable itineraries within Southern Africa has now become her primary niche at Pulse Africa. Her attention to detail and strong work ethics make her an important team player!