Specialised Safaris

Wildlife Viewing and Excursions

For most, travel to Africa is all about the animals. Africa’s geographic diversity and ecological conservation has led it to boast the world’s most iconic wildlife, where the likes of the Big 5, the Great Apes and assorted other marine, sky and land animals can be enjoyed. Take a guided trek through the jungles of Eastern Africa in search of the rare Silverback or to meet our distant cousin, the Chimpanzee. Go diving in some of the world’s best protected marine reefs, or take a Shark Cage excursion to see the Great White, up close and personal. Go on private game drives in search of leopard, cheetah, lion and other rare African wild cats. The diversity is endless and your first trip will leave you longing for more.


Cultural Activities and Interactions

Many of Africa’s native tribes and peoples have survived former colonial rule and today enjoy special conservation and  protection, where many ancient rites and rituals can still be observed. Whether you visit museums and cultural centres, such as the Cradle of Humankind in South Africa, or meet native tribes in their respective homelands, like the Maasai in Kenya, your perspective on this magical land will be constantly challenged and expanded. A Tailor-made African Safari can include a whole range of cultural activities to suit all interests.

Trekking, Tracking and Bush Walks

Your Safari needn’t be limited to vehicles: one of the best ways to experience Africa is on foot, where all your senses really come to life. Feel the earth and get your heart racing by trekking through veld, forest and desert in search of wildlife and rare African wonders. Horse trails are also available in some Game Reserves, which is an incredibly unique way to experience African wildlife. Coming face to face with wild animals in Africa guarantees to leave you with life-long experiences that you will want to share with friends and family. You have never felt so alive. Create a tailor-made African Safari today and get the blood pumping through your body.