Tourism Incentives for Kenya

Tourism Incentives for Kenya
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It is an exciting time for Kenya as President Uhuru Kenyatta unveils planned tourism incentives to attract travellers back to Kenya. The plans were announced recently at the opening of Kenya’s first luxury yacht marina, English Point Marina.

The highlights include:

• Visa fees for children under 16 will be scrapped indefinitely from 1st Feb 2016.
• VAT charges on National Park fees will be removed and KWS Park fees will be capped at $60 (down from $90) for the 2016/17 financial year.
• The Charter Incentive Scheme waives landing fees at Mombasa and Malindi airports for all charter aircraft and provides a $30.00 rebate for all disembarking tourists.
• Infrastructure improvements that will ease travel to and around the Kenyan coast.
• Expansion of Nairobi and Malindi airports to handle greater numbers of visitors.
• Construction of the Port – Reitz Mombasa Road and an additional bypass that will allow tourists to travel to Diani on the south coast without using the ferry.
• Kenya Ferry Service to buy and operate two new ferries for the Likoni Channel crossing.

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