10 Million People Can’t Be Wrong

10 Million People Can’t Be Wrong
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It’s true; in 2016 over 10,000,000.00 people flew into Cape Town to find out what all the fuss is about. Should you do likewise, you will discover that there is plenty.

Apart from the natural beauty of Table Mountain, the surrounding mountains and the sea, there is a relaxed air to Cape Town life that is quite unique.  Some say it’s the mountain, some say it’s the sea air; whatever it is, it is quite contagious.

Whether you are shopping in the markets, walking on the beach, taking a selfie with the penguins at Boulders, hiking on Table Mountain, sailing, surfing, wining or dining you cannot help becoming bewitched by the fairest Cape’s calm and charm.

Boulders Beach Cape Town Cable Car IMG_4420







I won’t try to give you 10 million reasons to visit Cape Town; but I can promise you one thing; you will not regret a visit to this, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Get in touch with us now to see how we can include Cape Town in your next holiday itinerary.

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