Wildlife and astrophotography workshops 2017

Wildlife and astrophotography workshops 2017
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Last year Bushtops introduced the idea of combining a safari with a night photography masterclass. The idea proved so popular that they are going to do it again in 2017 – four times!

Click the image below to watch a short film that perfectly depicts Mark’s Bushtops adventure.

The Art of Night Africa – Bushtops Camps from Mark Gee on Vimeo.

More on Mark Gee:

Each workshop will be led by Mark Gee, an international award winning Photographer and brilliant teacher. By day, Mark is a visual effects artist having worked on countless Hollywood movies like Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit, Avatar, I Robot etc. This year, Mark was invited by NASA to fly on board the SOFIA telescope – a specially configured Boeing 747 with a infrared telescope built into the fuselage.

More on the workshops:

All four workshops will take place in August (during the peak migration season) and last two days and two nights. The first two will take place at Mara Bushtops (Kenya) on 18/19 and 20/21 August, followed by workshops based at Serengeti Bushtops (Tanzania) on 23/24 and 25/26 August.

By day you will follow the herds and look out for carnivores, adding insights, new techniques and personalised tips to your existing photography skills. Yet it is at night that the real magic will happen, as a billion stars come into view. Whether a novice or professional, Mark’s guidance will take your capabilities into a whole new dimension!

Places on these unique safaris are very limited so lose no time in signing up.

To learn more about the workshop itineraries, equipment needed and costs, please contact our travel expert Sandi.


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