Rhino Art Project

How often have you donated money to a charitable cause and wondered just where your hard earned cash actually ended up? I know for a fact that some of my charitable deeds have ended up paying for an organiser’s luxury holiday rather than fighting the cause for which I had intended it to support.

So when Grant Fowlds of Rhino Art presented his project to Pulse Africa it was something that not only spoke to our hearts but it was a project that we believed was using the funding in the best possible way to gain maximum awareness.

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Last week we had the privilege of launching the first phase of Pulse Africa’s commitment to the Rhino Art Project. Together with Grant Fowlds we presented the project to one hundred and fifty high school children from the Leap 3 School which serves the children of Alexandra.

The Leap high school education programme provides free education to students, with potential, who live in marginalize communities. It is a requirement that all students study mathematics, physical science and English. The organisation aims to give these young South Africans the academic and life skills they need to become future leaders.

Through the Rhino Art project we hope to highlight the importance of conserving South Africa’s wildlife while at the same time opening doors of opportunity to these bright young learners.

At Pulse Africa we believe that our donations to this cause will be make a difference. It will help save rhinos and our wildlife plus it will change lives. We are looking forward to a long lasting relationship with Rhino Art and the six Leap Schools in South Africa.

For further information please feel free to contact Nicci Lenferna.

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