Finger On The Pulse - March 2019

  • Main Story: Walking on the wild side
  • Health: Mid-Air Meditation
  • Food: World’s Restaurant Of The Year
  • Top Tip: Never Put Your Passport In Your Carry-On
  • Our Story: Zimbabwe – The Great Revival

Walking With Wayo

©Wayo Africa

If you are looking for a truly authentic safari experience, then take a walk on the wild side. A walking safari is arguably a safari in its ‘purest form’, as Wayo Africa would say.  When you are on foot in the African bush your senses awaken. You see, hear and smell Africa in a way that you just can’t do from a game-drive vehicle.

We have been working with Wayo Africa for many years and have sent a number of adventurous clients on walking safaris in Tanzania. Their feedback has always been filled with excitement, enthusiasm and wonder.

I recently came across an article by Simon Espley on Africa Geographic – Walking Through A Wild Paradise. If you are intrigued by the idea of doing a walking safari in Tanzania, have a read and you will feel as if you were part of the journey.

For more information on how to get your walking shoes dirty in Tanzania, get in touch with us now and we’ll share some ideas, advice and personal experiences with you.

Mid-Air Meditation

Mid-Air Meditation

Meditation and mindfulness are practices that seem to be gaining in popularity as their benefits become more apparent.

Health Line’s article, ‘12 Science-Based Benefits Of Meditation‘, lists some of the advantages as being reduced stress, controlled anxiety, improved emotional health and improved sleep. The problem many people face is time, and not having enough of it.  Enter air travel.

Some airlines have been offering in-flight meditation guides for a few years now but others are just joining the party. At their 75th anniversary exhibition, Air New Zealand created a ‘Virtual Flight Lab‘ to show how the in-flight experience could be radically re-imagined. The idea would be to provide passengers with VR headsets that could create a tranquil mini-universe via sights, sounds and smells. The perfect ambiance for meditation.

Not quite convinced you could find your Zen at 30,000 feet? Here is a little guide on how to meditate on your next flight.

World’s Restaurant Of The Year


On Monday the 18th of February 2019, in Paris, an expert panel of judges from 37 countries decided on the winners of 12 ‘Big Plate’ categories in the inaugural edition of the Restaurant Awards.

The judges’ restaurant of the year choice was unanimous and was awarded to Wolfgat, a rustic whitewashed, ocean-side dining room in Paternoster, South Africa.

“The place is super simple, rustic yet perfectly elegant. We sat by the fireplace. The restaurant is directly on the beach with an ocean view. We could watch the fishermen go out, come back and empty the catch from their brightly coloured boats. The village of Paternoster is stucco white, like somewhere in Greece, charming and not touristy. Essentially, it’s a dream of perfect balance, unspoilt charm and accessibility. You know that feeling you get when you feel that you are among the first people to discover a place?”

Not only was Wolfgat awarded restaurant of the year, it was also the ‘Off-Map Destination‘ winner.

With such an award under its belt, finding a table at Wolfgat is about to get that much more difficult.  So if you love good food, a blissful atmosphere and are thinking of a trip to South Africa, get in touch with us now and we’ll see what we can do about that table at Wolfgat for you.

Never Put Your Passport In Your Carry-On

Why? You may ask. It does appear to be the most obvious, not to mention the most convenient place to put it. In some situations, however, this simple habit could get you into a bit of a predicament.

On fully booked flights, some airlines may ask you to check your larger hand luggage in at the gate to make space in the overhead compartments. This, in itself is fine. The problem comes in when you reach your destination and your hand luggage, containing your passport, ends up on the carousel with your checked luggage and you can’t get to it because you need your passport to get through passport control. Disaster!

It’s in situations like these that you hope for a friendly border control officer and extraordinarily helpful airport employees.

Next time you board a plane, remember to keep your passport on you.

Zimbabwe – The Great Revival

I’ve  been lucky enough to visit Victoria Falls many times and a few years  ago, I also visited Hwange, Kariba and Mana Pools. I was struck by the air of optimism I noticed on my most recent trip after all the years of oppression and chaos.

With the likes of African Bush Camps, Wilderness Safaris and Great Plains investing heavily in tourism, it’s a sure sign that Zimbabwe is making a comeback and it’s not hard to see why.

Read more.

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