Truly The Trip Of A Lifetime

Dear Sandi,


Let me start by saying that this was truly the trip of a lifetime.  I was hoping to share a magical experience with Duncan and the boys, and I can say without a doubt that all four of us were blown away.  Moment after moment, day after day, we went from one exciting, fascinating or moving experience to another. It was exceptional!  So, now for some specifics.

I think that the planning stages with you were critical to setting up a holiday that suited us and matched the style of trip that we were seeking.  It’s clear that there are many styles of safari possible and we feel that you were really able to understand our preferences.  We didn’t see our safari as a “checklist” exercise – a  mad rush to see the Big Five.  We were looking for an experience that really gave us an appreciation for the country, the communities, the animals, but also the birds and bugs and plants. In that respect, the itinerary with the tent camps, the walking safaris and the night safari were excellent, and Wayo Africa was really the right fit for us in terms of their style and philosophy.  The time with the Hadza people was also remarkable.  It was very moving for all of us.

With all of this said, Duncan and the boys and I all agree that, together with the planning, the single factor that made the trip so very special was our guide James Laiser. It was a pure delight to spend 10 days with him. James is professional, responsive, engaging and exceedingly knowledgeable about the animals, plants, insects and terrain.  He demonstrates respect for the environment and wildlife and teaches that respect to his clients. He is also just a really nice guy and easy to be with.  Bottom line, he was the perfect guide for us.

Thank you so very much for making it possible for us to have the trip of a lifetime.

Warmest wishes,