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A Must-See in Nairobi

Daphne Sheldrick’s animal orphanage is a delightful excursion and a must-see in Nairobi. Daphne is the wife of David Sheldrick, a famous game warden who was based in Tsavo National Park.  After his death in the ‘70’s Daphne set up a trust to foster orphaned animals, with a special emphasis on elephants.

A visit to Daphne Sheldrick’s orphanage will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside as you watch the orphaned elephants interact with each other, a soccer ball, their keepers and their milk bottles. There is no place quite like it.
Is visiting Daphne Sheldrick’s animal orphanage on your bucket list? Get in touch with us now and we’ll help you tick it off. 

Vic Falls Adventure

From the 8th September 2016 you will be able to walk from the Eastern Cataract to Victoria Falls’ Livingstone Island. All  visits will run to Livingstone Island and back. In low waters there will be the opportunity to swim (which is optional not mandatory) on Livingstone Island Devil’s pool on the edge of the Victoria Falls. Qualified guides will be accompanying the guests – maximum number per group is 8 people.

There will be four walks daily – 06:15hrs, 09:15hrs, 11:15hrs and 14:15hrs.

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Unique African Safari

Combine three iconic yet often overlooked wildlife events in the most unique African safari that cannot be replicated anywhere else in Africa.

The Elephants of Mfuwe Lodge
o   The Elephants of South Luangwa National Park return every November & December to Mfuwe Lodge.
o   Watch these majestic creatures as they parade through the Mfuwe Lodge reception.

The African Pitta
o   Known as the “Jewel of the Jungle”, the African Pitta is as unique as it is elusive.
o   Guests will have the opportunity to observe these beautiful birds during their annual migration.

The Stunning Bat Migration
o   Up to 10 Million Giant Fruit Bats represent the largest mammal migration on Earth.
o   Moving to Kasanka National Park, guests will have a rare occasion to watch as these magnificent bats with a wing span up to .75m begin their annual migration.

Sea Turtle Release – Kenya

The Local Ocean Trust -Watamu Turtle Watch is one of the two main charities supported by Pulse Africa. A percentage of each direct booking made through us is donated to a charity and this one is certainly a worthy cause.

The Ministry of Tourism launched a #KenyaLive campaign which with the help of HerdTracker gave people the chance to experience live broadcasts (via Periscope) of tourist experiences in Kenya. The past few days have seen the HerdTracker team preparing to do a live release of a sea turtle fitted with a ‘TurtleCam’.

Viewers around the world were able to watch the release live on the web as the underwater camera on the turtle’s back captured the turtle swimming along the reef.

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