Samara Game Reserve – Home Away From Home

I have been exploring lodges and camps around Africa for most of my adult life but it is not often that I am made to feel completely at home. Samara Game Reserve, in the heart of the Karoo, South Africa is one such place. Perhaps it was the family dogs; the happy, smiling staff; perhaps the homestead itself; whatever it was, it certainly ticked the box.

This little piece of paradise is set in extraordinarily beautiful landscape surrounded by mountains and with breathtaking views from the top of the world, which we drank in one evening, watching the sun go down.

Samara offers the traditional game activities – walks and drives – but with an added dimension. We got up close and personal with the resident white rhino family and tracked a female cheetah on foot, moving fast through the bush to keep up with her. Stopping to stretch our legs mid game drive on a chilly morning, we were introduced to a delicious hot beverage, a chucarula. You will have to go to Samara to discover the secret ingredients but I can share with you one … Amarula.

We did not venture out after dark but if you do I gather aardvark sightings are common.

In between times, our daughter spent time baking with the chef, my husband marvelled at the bird life whilst my camera was kept busy. We ate well, laughed a lot, learnt a bit and relaxed totally.

Oh and all this at a really reasonable price…..What more could you ask for?

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To see what Samara Game Reserve is all about, have a look at the video below:

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