Animals are often the main attraction in Africa, but along with the animals come some mind-blowing landscapes. Some of these include: the dense rain forests of Uganda and Rwanda, the open savannas of East Africa, Namibia’s arid deserts and right next door, Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Africa is definitely home to some of the most magnificent landscapes in the world.

Desert Safaris

A desert safari allows you to take a trip into the vastly unexplored wilderness, giving you a unique view of the world as we know it. Throughout your trip you will see camels roaming the wilderness and eagles soaring through the sky or even find yourself riding on the back of a camel taking in the breathtaking views. Perfect for couples looking to have a romantic trip or for families looking to show their kids how beautiful nature can be.


Millions of years ago on the great continent of Africa, rifting caused volcanoes to burst onto the earth’s surface. Some of these volcanoes are still active today, particularly in East Africa and Réunion Island. Magma still squeezes through the ancient earth with an occasional eruption or two.

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