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Africa is home to so many tribes, it is no surprise that the art and culture is just as varied. Learn how the Maasai live in East Africa or the San people in Southern Africa. Immerse yourself in the local culture in Soweto or visit the colourful houses of the Bo-Kaap in Cape Town. Enjoy the creative talent on show at the local markets and don’t forget to take back a souvenir or two.

Community Service 

Nowadays, travellers are keen not only to see the scheduled sights on their travels, but also want to visit the nearby villages and see how the locals live. In many of the places where we send clients there is an opportunity to visit a nearby community. In Cape Town for example, one of our favourite tours is run by a company called “Uthando” -which means “love” in the Zulu language. This company offers meaningful, authentic, engaging and respectful visits to the local communities.
In Nairobi, Kenya a visit to the Muthare Valley Slums with its lack of basic amenities and abject poverty will forever change your perspective on life and privilege.

Giving Back

No matter where you choose to travel with Pulse Africa, you can rest assured that part of your travel spend will help make a difference to the local communities and the wildlife for future generations to enjoy.

We donate on your behalf to two charities that are close to our heart:

a) Project Rhino
In an effort to fight the war against rhino poaching, Project Rhino was formed. It is a youth-art conservation initiative which involves local communities that are often the silent witnesses to rhino slaughtering. The charity uses ‘hearts and minds’ artistic messages from the African youth as a worldwide call to action against rhino poaching.

b) The Sheldrick Trust
This conservation organisation was established for the protection of wildlife and the preservation of habitats in East Africa. It is best known for its Orphans Project which is the most successful elephant orphan rescue and rehabilitation programme in the world.

Together with our clients, we are proud to be doing our bit to protect the future of rhino and elephant.


A visit to the African continent would not be complete without including a soul-stirring encounter with one of the many tribes that live here. While you have probably heard of the iconic San Bushmen in Botswana whom you can visit, there are several other unique groups that warrant spending some time with, including:

1. Hadzabe tribe in Tanzania

These lesser-known hunter gatherers use handmade bows and arrows and forage for edible plants in the area. There are only 1300 members of this tribe in the world.

2. Omo tribes in Ethiopia

There are more than 24 indigenous tribes who live in isolation in the Omo Valley. Why not be one of the few people to pay them a visit and discover their unique way of life?

3. Kenyan tribes

Beyond the famous leaping Maasai there are also the Samburu semi-nomadic cattle herders, among many others.

4. Namibian tribes

Learn about the traditional lifestyle of the famous Himba , Damara and Herero tribes with a visit to Namibia.

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