A Must-See in Nairobi

Daphne Sheldrick’s animal orphanage is a delightful excursion and a must-see in Nairobi. Daphne was the wife of David Sheldrick, a famous game warden who was based in Tsavo National Park.  After his death in the ‘70’s Daphne set up a trust to foster orphaned animals, with a special emphasis on elephants. Sadly ,Daphne lost her life to cancer in  April 2018.

A visit to Daphne Sheldrick’s orphanage will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside as you watch the orphaned elephants interact with each other, a soccer ball, their keepers and their milk bottles. There is no place quite like it.

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Watch the heartwarming video of little Galla’s rescue.

(Photo: David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust)