Take A Walk On The Wild Side….

That line from Lou Reed’s brilliant album Transformer has a rather different connotation to that which I am talking about here .

A walk on the wild side in Africa, specifically Tanzania in this case with Wayo Africa, offers the visitor the following :

  • On foot you are a participant in the world of wildlife; in a vehicle you are merely a spectator.
  • You can visit remote areas in solitude, away from the crowds.
  • You will see, feel, hear and smell the wildlife and the bush.
  • You walk on the same path as elephants, lions, buffaloes and other wildlife.
  • You feel the excitement of encounters with wildlife first hand.
  • You learn how to observe wind direction, to read animal tracks and to understand animal behaviour.
  • You will learn about the Little Five; the Buffalo weaver, the ant lion, an elephant shrew, a rhino beetle and a leopard tortoise are every bit as fascinating as those bigger critters.

Contact me, Sandy Wood, to experience a walking safari for yourself.

Images © Wayo Africa