A Few Foodie Finds in Cape Town

I am still dreaming of the Peanut Butter ice cream that tickled my tongue and put a smile on my face as I strolled down Kloof Street in Cape Town a while ago.

Unframed Ice Cream Artistry is the spot. Toasted coconut chips, cardamom dark chocolate & pink praline swirl and those are just the toppings. With ice cream flavours ranging from dirty sea salt caramel & burnt white chocolate to lemon lime basil & Speculoos, making a decision is a tough call.

On a cold, wet day I stumbled upon Rcaffe – it looked like a hip and quirky spot from the outside. A quick google ensured me that it was one of the top ten coffee shops in Cape Town. Cosy, trendy, gorgeous and oh so friendly. Not only did each dish coming out the kitchen look spectacular, it was equally as delicious. I wished I’d had space for something sweet as the pastry selection looked very enticing.

A lot has been written about IYO or Inside & You’re Out burger bar so it was no surprise that it was one of the places we had earmarked to visit. What was a surprise was that one of the owners happens to be Jean-Marc Lenferna de la Motte and hence a second cousin to my son. Interesting name for a restaurant, interesting story and absolutely worth a visit. It would be impossible to get a more delicious burger.


I love food markets and especially at lunch time when I inevitably want to eat something fairly quickly. The V&A Food Market was a real feast for the senses. I popped in thinking cappuccino and a sandwich but after my third lap around the stalls (with eyes wide), I ended up enjoying a craft beer and bowl of noodles in the cool shade along the harbour. A wonderful display of food, boasting plenty of goodness.

Sundowners are a big thing with my family and whenever possible, we grab a bottle of vino, a few nibbles and head off up a mountain, along a river or onto a beach to enjoy that special time of day. The little delicatessen Olive Branch Deli in the Lifestyle on Kloof Centre upgraded our sundowner nibbles to another level. From olive oils and speciality vinegars to olives, tapenades, cheeses and charcuterie – it is not only a feast for the taste buds but worth a visit to gape in awe at the beauty of the shop and inhale those delicious aromas.

Finally, for the best Italian fare – Villa 47’s Locanda. Relaxed Italian bistro offering some of the best Italian food I have eaten in South Africa. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Could have done all three.

Cape Town certainly has a lot to offer in terms of great food and wine. Get in touch with us for expert advice and suggestions on what to do and where to go.