Franschhoek Charms & Delights

I had not visited Franschhoek for many years and now with limited time, a husband and teenager in tow, making the right decisions of where to eat and what do were vital. Having said that, both husband and teenager don’t like too much pre-planning. But this is Franschhoek – they simply don’t understand.

Challenge one: Accommodation. Husband wants nature, teenager wants TV and sofa while I want easy access to town. I nailed it with Le Petite Dauphin. Nine plush suites situated amongst the vineyards with views of the mountains, situated five minutes from town. We all loved it.

The new chefs at Café Bon Bon have put a spring into the breakfast menu which we thoroughly enjoyed. In fact so much, we booked for dinner. A fine idea it turned out to be. This charming little restaurant is well worth a visit.

Challenge Two: Selecting one memorable restaurant for dinner. As anyone knows, the difficulty is not finding an excellent restaurant as much as which one to choose. I have to give my husband credit for this one. He booked us a table at Foliage. Wow! It was spectacular! Memorable indeed.

Challenge Three: Finding a new picnic spot. We needed more outdoors. Husband wants beauty and solitude, teenager wants space to wander and explore and I want a light lunch and bubbles. Holden Manz was the little winery I found that ticked all our boxes. The weather played its part and a fabulous picnic was enjoyed along the banks of the river.

Challenge Four: Wine Farms. Suffice to say husband wanted to visit one only, teenager none and myself as many as I could sneak into the limited time. To keep it as brief as my visits were allowed you should include the classical music drifting across the vineyards at De Morgenzon , the sabrage at Haute Cabriere and of course The Pierneef Experience at La Motte.

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