Battlefield tours – 1869 Anglo Zulu Battles

Friends from Zambia were planning on a short visit to South Africa and suggested we had a weekend somewhere. Neither myself nor my friend are especially interested in history but our husbands are so we found ourselves at Fugitives Drift Lodge in Natal.

Fugitives was built 25 years ago by David and Nicky Rattray . David was fascinated with the Anglo Zulu battles fought in the area and his intention was to take guests on battlefield tours of Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift, re-enacting the extraordinary events of the 22 January 1879, a day that was to reshape British history. I have listened spellbound to David tell stories of extraordinary bravery on behalf of the soldiers (both Zulu and British). The tale is in the telling to a large extent and what a master storyteller was David Rattray. Tragically, David was killed in 2007 but his heritage and passion lives on through his sons and the team who continue to run Fugitives Drift with Nicky. They bring to life those battles and the tales of heroism are so incredible that I defy you to listen without a tear in your eye.

All this emotion and I am not interested in history!! If you are remotely interested, I urge you to visit this little lodge in the heart of one of the most beautiful parts of Natal and see for yourself.

Contact Natasha for further details on battlefield tours in South Africa.

Here is a brief insight into what Fugitives is all about…