Grab Your Group And Go On Safari

Planning an African safari is easy. Planning the perfect, once-in-a-lifetime, this-is-what-safari-dreams-are-made-of safari, on the other hand, is an art. I’m not usually one to blow the company horn, but it’s so hard not to when Pulse Africa repeatedly and consistently produces masterpieces.

The first thing we do before putting a trip together for you is listen, and I mean truly listen. We listen to your requests, your requirements, your needs, your desires, your fears and your dreams for the trip we are about to start planning together. We arm ourselves with as much information as possible, and then we start the safari match-making process.

Not only can we match the perfectly romantic safari to the perfectly romantic couple, but we can even match the perfect African safari to a perfectly diverse group of well-researched safari dreamers. We often book amazing group trips for family and friends, and sometimes we even get a full-on awesome write-up like this one.

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