Silk On Safari

Silk and safari are two words that probably shouldn’t go together. On this occasion we’re not talking about a pretty silk blouse but rather a silk tree. That’s right, a tree covered in a pure white silk sheath.

Trai Anfield leads photography-focused expeditions around the world and this time round she was based at Serian in the Mara North Conservancy. With it being home to the Big Five it was rather unusual to be spending so much time focused on one particular leather leaf tree.

Why all the focus on this tree? As Trai said in her blog, A Silk Tree:

“The tree has become host to thousands of tiny ermine moths. Together they have created a home so delicate and beautiful it seems to belong to another world. They have encased the whole tree – from the sturdiest roots to the tiniest leaves on the furthest branches – in a seamless pure white silk sheath.”

The chances of you seeing the silk tree are extremely slim, but if you’d like to experience a photography-focused safari then get in touch with us now and we will happily run through some ideas with you.