Kasanka Bat Migration

The Kasanka bat migration in Zambia  isn’t quite as well known as the East African wildebeest migration, but that’s not to say it’s any less spectacular.

Between October and December each year, about ten million straw coloured fruit bats stream into a few hectares of forest in the Kasanka National Park   At dusk the sheer number of bats darken the skies as they set out to munch on the succulent fruit that surrounds them in the forest. Dawn sees them noisily returning to their overcrowded trees to get some sleep.

Witnessing this mass flying movement,  the largest mammal migration on earth, is something you will never forget.

If you are interested in things airborne, or simply someone looking for an unusual African experience, this could be for you.

The bats will be hanging around until the beginning of December so please do get in touch with us now.