Mind The Donkey

“Mind the donkey” yells my husband as I narrowly avoid hitting the sad-eyed mule as he steps into the road on an apparent suicide mission.

We are driving from Johannesburg to Inhambane, Mozambique for a bit of a beach break, hoping to get in a few dives at the same time. It’ s a long drive, made interesting not only by suicidal donkeys but also narrow roads, speed traps, overloaded buses and the odd pothole! You need to be wide awake as a driver to negotiate these various hurdles, and not for the first time, I wonder how I agreed to drive rather than fly. “It will be an adventure” promised my husband; well that’s true enough.

The white sandy beaches in Mozambique stretch forever and the only other humans you might encounter are fishermen. Portuguese influence is strong especially in restaurants, where “lulas” (squid) is readily available as is Peri Peri chicken.

We are staying with friends, but the choice of accommodation in this often understated country is huge. From simple beach style chalets to luxurious island villas, there is something to suit most tastes and budgets. A wide variety of water sports are on offer with diving and snorkelling being the most popular in these clear, warm Indian Ocean waters.

Whether you are looking for a family break, a holiday with friends or a honeymoon destination, contact our team at Pulse Africa and we will help you find the right spot. And I promise we won’t make you drive there …