Mahale Mountains – The Great Ape Escape

The Mahale Mountains in southern Tanzania is one of the last few wilderness areas of Africa.  You are one of a small group of human beings sharing this space with one of the largest known populations of wild chimps on the planet.

Luxury here is about space and solitude. Few people, no cell phones or day to day stresses. Just time to yourself and your partner/family to relax and enjoy this beautiful part of the world. Have a look at this video

Its wild here and you realise this as its quite a trek to get here. Almost three hours in a light aircraft and then a journey across part of the lake in an old dhow – you really feel as if you have arrived at the edge of the world.  And its so worth it …

There is plenty to do  – walking, swimming in the crystal clear lake, kayacking, fishing. Trekking the chimps involves walking through the forest, often hearing the chimps call to each other. Its an awesome, sometimes eerie noise that resonates through the forest when they all chatter at the same time.

Your home whilst you are here is a thatched wooden chalet with a balcony both upstairs and down so you can enjoy the view and space.  Monkeys and various forest animals abound. The food is delicious, the wine plentiful, the company interesting. The skies seem bigger here with brighter stars than you have ever seen.

Greystoke, in the Mahale Mountains, has been described as one of the most unusual camps in the world. When you finally get here, you will understand why.

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