Reunion – Not Your Typical Island Holiday

Nicci recently spent a fascinating week exploring the truly unique little island known as Reunion; an overseas region of France that lies east of Madagascar and approximately 175km southwest of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.

Most commonly known for its volcanic landscape, this isn’t your typical island paradise, but a paradise it is nonetheless.

Here are some of the highlights that stood out for Nicci:


  • Her natural beauty: In 2000 UNESCO recognized the rugged magnificence of Reunion Island’s interior and inscribed the area, a national park under French law, as a site of exceptional natural beauty and a biodiversity hotspot.
  • The French influence: Reunion is one of the five “overseas departments” of mainland France and in fact the flight from Paris to St Denis is considered to be the longest domestic flight in the world.
  • The wide variety of activities: The list is endless, including water, land & air based adventures covering a wide degree of difficulty for all ages and abilities.


  • The beach vibe: Beaches are for socialising, not just swimming
  • Delicious food: From croissants and macaroons to chou-chou gratin and rougail (a bitter, salty, spicy chilli sauce) wherever you are, the food is delicious and if you stay out of fancy restaurants, reasonably priced too.
  • The people: There is a gentleness and mutual respect amongst the people of Reunion which weaves it way through cultural traditions and social values.


  • Rum punch: Most families infuse their own rum with flavours ranging from banana to five spices. It may be served as a rhum punch before a meal or as a degustation after.
  • Cocktail hour: Cocktails are taken serious in this part of the world with most bars sporting an excellent selection of spectacularly presented refreshments.

If you are looking for an island holiday with a difference, Reunion is the place to go.

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