Madagascar – My Love Affair

My love affair with Madagascar started on my very first visit trip, way back in 1994. This is a little surprising as I am not much of rough-travelling-backpacker type of gal- I prefer a little glam and luxury when I travel. There were certainly pockets of lavish delights in those days, but for the most part it was a pretty simple third- world travel experience. How times have changed.

Speaking of changing times, since it has been impossible to get Madagascar in the past year, my travels have taken place from the comfort of my own sofa.

I have let my mind wander through these beautiful journeys of the past, and I have revelled the wonderful memories of my Madagascan experiences such as:

  • photographing the beautiful faces of the children I used to see in the streets of Antananarivo
  • admiring the colourful markets in the countryside
  • delighting at the sight of my first lemur
  • sleeping in a tiny tent in the sand forest of the Ankarana Reserve
  • eating a delicious prawn curry cooked on a tiny coal stove in the middle of the forest
  • swanning into Tsarabanjina on a floatplane for a weekend of scuba dives
  • bumbling though the streets of Nosy Be in a 1970s Fiat. (The local taxis were all old Fiats)
  • swigging back ice cold Three Horses beers in local markets and little sidewalk cafes
  • viewing a spectacular sunset at the Avenue of Baobabs- a spiritual experience
  • experiencing the excitement at Anjajavy when the long nose mimic snake was first discovered
  • seeing endless chameleons in Perinet and Montagne d’Ambre

The highlight of each and every trip was the fine dining experiences we shared with our business partner, Mr Giraud. It was a white tablecloth, three-course taste sensation in one of the finest French restaurants in Antananarivo.

And then there was Air Madagascar. In the good old days, we would get French champagne on Air Madagascar. That was a good start, as one needed a sense of calm and good humour when it came to the domestic flights. It was a manual system that often led to more boarding passes being issued than there were seats on the plane. No worry- any passengers under the age of 6 years old would simply jump onto an adult lap! Can you imagine?

How different our world is today. With modern modes of transport and a wide range of accommodation options, the charming people of Madagascar are waiting to welcome you to their idyllic island.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing beach holiday, a trip exploring the unusual fauna and flora, or a road trip to experience the local culture – contact our team at Pulse Africa. We look forward to designing an itinerary especially for you.